All Second Line accounts come with advanced calling features that connect your callers with your business. Our powerful communications system delivers productivity with features such as Call Forwarding, IVR, Softphones, Click to Call and more.

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Call Forwarding

Let your customers reach you by using advanced Call Forwarding features. Forward important business calls to your cell phone, home office or call center. Let your customers reach you regardless of your location.

Any Device Anywhere

Never miss a call from your customers. Call Forwarding lets you forward your calls to any device or phone number worldwide. Your customer calls can follow wherever you go around the world. Forward your calls to any international phone number or answer calls on any computer or smartphone with Internet access.

Handle Your Calls More Efficiently

Ensure that your important calls are answered as quickly as possible. Call Forwarding let's you ring a group of phone numbers, Softphones or SIP devices simultaneously until the call is answered. Use sequential ringing to forward calls to multiple destinations in order of priority. If no one is available to answer, calls can be routed to voice mail, a voice menu (IVR) or forwarded to another destination such as a call center.


"Press 1 for Sales. Press 2 for Support or Dial an Extension" Interactive Voice Response (IVR) makes it easy to connect your callers with the right department or person. Greet your callers with a custom a custom audio message. Give your callers the ability to quickly connect with a department or resource by configuring extensions.

Easily setup your IVR by using our web based management tools. Record greetings live or upload audio files. Configure any call action such as Call Forwarding, Voicemail or even another IVR to execute when a user presses a number on the keypad. Give your customers the best experience when calling your company.


Break Free From Your Desk

Manage all your communications easily and efficiently from your computer, web browser or smartphone. Place calls from anywhere you have Internet access. All calls placed through Softphone will display your business Caller ID.

Manage Your Messages

Instantly view a history of all calls and texts from your customers. Listen to voice mail, call recordings and view your customer's communication history. Allow multiple agents access to view and respond to customer communications.

Take it With You

Avoid roaming charges when traveling internationally by using WIFI hotspots. Your calls are placed using the Internet and charged under your SecondLine.com account plan. Our intelligent phone number validator takes the hassle out of dialing international numbers.

Business SMS

Engage Your Customers

In many cases, SMS is the preferred way to communicate with some customers. In fact, most SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery.

Use your SecondLine.com virtual number to send, receive messages from your customers. Use Business SMS to send your customers links to important information or provide post sale "Thank you" messages.

Click to Call

Let Your Website Visitors Talk to You

Let your website visitors place calls from your website using Click to Call. By pasting a few lines of code, you can add a Click to Call button on any website, online advertisement, email signature or online document. Your Click to Call button can easily be configured to forward calls to your Softphone, IVR or any phone number in the world.

Convert Your Website Visitors Into Customers

Minimize visitor abandonment by placing a Click to Call button on your ecommerce site and offering personalized assistance. Customer service agents answering visitor calls can see important information such as:

  • Visitor's name, email and phone number
  • Geographic location
  • Visitor's local time
  • The web page the visitor was on
  • The visitor's web browser and operating system
  • Custom information provided by your CRM, website application or other source

No Coding Required

Our easy to use tools automatically generate the code necessary for Click to Call. Just copy and paste this code into your website. Advanced features all you to configure your Click to Call button to pass additional information. For example, you can add a Click to Call button on a support page for existing customer. By adding a few lines of code, you can pass information such as the customer's ID, the link to their account on your CRM or their account status. When your customer places a call, this information will be appear to any agent that answers the call using the Softphone.


"Your business is important to us. Now connecting you with the sales department" Create a custom greeting that your callers hear before routing their call.

Use Announcements to let your callers know important information such as your holiday business hours or other important information. Use our online interface to record or upload custom audio messages.

Call Schedule

Use a Call Schedule to define business hours with specific routing rules and greetings. Customize where you would like to route calls during specific dates and times, such as during office hours, weekends and holidays. For example, you can route calls to your sales staff during business hours and to a call center or voice mail during non business hours. Robust calendaring features allow you to schedule call routing for holidays or special events weeks or even months in advance.

Call Recording

Automatically record your incoming and outgoing calls. Use call recording for improving customer service, compliance and enhancing agent training. Call recordings are available to listen and download online or through your Softphone.


Our voicemail service allows you to listen to your messages directly in your online account or you can have them emailed to you or members of your team. Personalize your voicemail greeting. Select a default greeting, record a greeting or upload a professional greeting.


Receive faxes on any of your SecondLine.com numbers. Faxes are stored securely and are sent to you as email attachments. For increased security, faxes can be password protected.

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